6 Tips to Ensure a Perfect Cup of Coffee That Tastes Heavenly

Nobody is perfect but there can be a perfect way to kick start your day. Yes!!! An absolutely delicious and ravishing cup of perfectly brewed coffee can make your day not only refreshing but energetic too.

This article is intended to share some tips to make a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

  1. Choosing Coffee Beans:

I usually don’t go to super market to buy coffee beans. I prefer buying them online from an online coffee shop that offers varieties to choose and the price difference indeed.  The eminence of coffee hugely depends on the quality of coffee beans. Be it green beans or roasted, but the freshness of the coffee beans is the main factor. As people are becoming more health conscious, a shift has been noticed towards green coffee. Store them properly air tight container placed at a cool and dry place.


  1. Coffee making equipment:

Before making coffee, make sure you have the right equipment for brewing.  If you don’t have, tryout some online coffee shops. Indeed they have the latest ones at best prices. Be it espresso machines, grinding machines or brewing equipment, all are available at a mouse click and are delivered right at your doorstep.


  1. Freshly grind coffee beans:

Don’t ignore this step. Different coffees require different grinding like French Press requires a coarse grind but an espresso requires a fine grind. Grinding incorrectly may spoil the taste of coffee. The taste is enhanced if you brew your coffee with freshly ground coffee beans. Instant coffees and E.S.E. (Easy serve Espresso) pods are also available in market. These are very simple and convenient to use. Buy them best at any coffee store.


  1. Measure properly:

Coffee to water ratio is something which you have to care upon. It’s purely about preference, some like strong and some mild. Make sure to use purified water, else the chlorinated one will ruin your taste of coffee. For a standard strength coffee 2 leveled tablespoons for a 6 ounce cup. The proper temperature is 200°F.  Keep in mind, reheating, boiling or holding it on warm place for longer time will make the coffee taste bitter or bad. Coffee will not hold its flavors for longer time, after it is first brewed. So brew only that amount of coffee, which will be consumed right away.


  1. Serve immediately:

Serve the coffee hot within 20 minutes of brewing else your effort would all go waste. Or add milk to make your favorite drink like cappuccino, latte or mocha. If you want to drink coffee at some other time, make sure you put in a thermo flask.

download (4).jpg

  1. Clean the equipments:

Clean your coffee equipments like grinders or machines often in a few weeks.  There are coffee equipment cleaners available in the market which helps dissolving any mineral deposits.


Java Times Caffe is an online coffee shop where you can buy best quality coffee products and coffee related equipments.  They also offer guidance and training on taking up coffee shop franchise. Visit Java Times Caffe for more coffee products.


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