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Java Times Caffe is an online industry made for customers and suppliers who love tea, coffee, candy, and fine bakery items. Our international service is created with one single objective in mind: provide these four items to customers, and do so from one place. This provides us the ability to give you a variety of services similar to these four products; which allow customers and businesses the possibility to learn about, buy, or provide, items without leaving the Java Times Caffe group.


We Offer:-

For Shop Owners

Java Time Caffe includes individually run on the online shops which are very easy to get set up. Anybody – from one person to nonprofits – can register to promote our items. No development knowledge is required, we train shop keepers what they need to know to achieve success.

Every Java Times Caffe store is the perfect position to provide tea, coffee, candy, pastries, as well as equipment and provides required making and enjoying these items.

Our system makes it simple for each and every one to start promoting right away. A free administration board is available, and every store owner has their own social information, and can communicate straight with their potential customers whenever they want to communicate.

For Shoppers

Java Times Caffe provides an amazing and inventive purchasing experience to our clients. Customers can ‘Like’ products to see them simpler the next time they come purchasing. They can view their preferred shops in to keep up to now on what is new. They can easily get in touch with shop keepers, asking concerns without worry of being ignored.


For more information about improving your purchasing experience at Java Times Caffe, be sure to learn about it in the Browsing and Socializing area on our website.

Each global place delivers from their own location, each with their own delivery costs. If you buy an espresso machine from a business in New York and a large cane of tea and coffee from a professional roaster in San Francisco, each will have their own delivery costs, and each may deliver at different times.

After you purchase and then pay, your transaction goes from the customer to our system. Here it gets processed within minutes, then it is up to the shop proprietor to begin the delivery process. After the customer verifies that the package was received, the provider finally earns money. This is our assurance to our clients that you get quality, top quality service from each Java Times Caffe store.


Java Times Caffe is the variety of these online traditional. We give all the resources that shop keepers need to begin. Why not surf our website and check out our public e-commerce platform? While you are surfing around, be sure to check out our Team webpage. Here you will find out about the small number of people that have put their minds, hearts and spirits into making Java Times Caffe a successful online coffee store. Trustworthy supporters can even find us on Twitter.


Excellent Tips To That Tell You About Different Kinds Of Online Coffee Shop

New technologies keep emerging every passing day paving way for innovative ideas that feed creative brains. In reality, many concepts are in vogue which we are not aware of. Once such concept about which many of us need to know a few things is Online Coffee Shop. Everything is online nowadays. Most of the commercial things like buying, selling, and many other activities happen online. One such activity which was more of a traditional nature that was a part of routine life is online too. Coffee purchase can be done online.



Online Coffee Shops offers different varieties of Coffee powder ground with handpicked superior quality coffee beans. The comfort levels and variety such online coffee shops offer is lofty and incomparable with our purchase of Coffee directly in shops which have constraints over quantities and availability of the same. When it comes to online coffee shops, since their name and reputation are at stake in wider areas than real time coffee shops, the service levels are highest.


Online Coffee Shops offer coffee seeds that are roasted and ground fresh for every order. Utmost care is taken during the process of roasting to ensure perfect quality is supplied to the customers every time they order for coffee through online. Some online coffee shops have well-set systems through which shipping of coffee ordered online happens in a systematic and timely manner. This enables setting the customer expectation right in terms of delivery date which in turn takes the stress out of the supplier who is not made to compromise on the quality of the coffee to be supplied.


Online Coffee Shops provide absolute variety when it comes to supplies that they offer to the customers. They supply coffee whose seeds are blends, single origin, organic and Espressos among the many others. For the benefit of the customers many online coffee shops ship their customer orders on the same day so the customer receives their coffee with the maximum aroma from the freshly ground coffee seeds.

The commonly available fresh roasted coffees in most of the online coffee shops are Driven Breakfast Blend, Ethiopia Sidamo, Guatemala Antigua and Impact Espresso Blend among the many others available in the online market. Online Coffee Shops not only sell coffee but also accessories that are connected with Coffee. To name them, some accessories sold by online coffee shops are White Coffee Filters, Coffee Dippers, Coffee Brewers and other coffee making equipment, measuring scales made of Bamboo, Digital and Pocket scales, Conical Burr Grinders, Flat Burr Grinders and pour over equipment among the many others.


Many online coffee shops take bulk order from Corporate, Coffee Shops and other places where people gather like churches and specific occasions. These bulk orders are supplied with the specific type of coffee and accessories order in wholesale rates which act as a win-win to the customer as well as such online coffee shops.

Want to open an online coffee shop? Do a thorough groundwork about all aspects before you venture into the business in real time.



Enjoy The Best DESSERTS For You

Ever wondered when you are stressed you tend to binge on cakes and chocolates .Stressed spelled backwards is DESSERTS and what more can be a better dessert than cakes and chocolates Products.

Cakes and chocolates are the greatest relationship solutions. Forgot to wish your loved one on their special day just order a birthday cake online and surprise them. Nothing can beat the joy on their face with a midnight cake surprise. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary, baby shower or a bachelorette party cakes are the celebration element. Without a cake all these parties are mere meetings.


We at Javatimes caffe have a cake to suit every occasion and mood of yours. From flavoured gateau with nibbled fruits and nuts to classic chocolate exotica, or a chocolate tiramisu birthday cake with midnight delivery option. We let you have your own cake and eat it too. You can also make your fairy tale wedding well remembered by indulging in our traditional multi-tiered cakes, or creamy croquet-en-touche or a non-conventional profiterole. We can make your special day even more spectacular with customization. You can even indulge in your favorite afternoon tea and scones or warm muffins.


Our high tea options include wide range of bakery cakes, biscotti, candies and confectioneries, cookies and cake mixes and pastries that can make your heart skip a beat. We offer a wide range of our signature patisseries and vienosserie exclusively customized for your taste buds and occasion. Our hand crafted pastries or tarts on a rainy evening can ensure you a quick fantasy getaway. We also offer gluten free and vegan cakes option for diet freaks to indulge in. You can also be the new connoisseur in baking with our create your own cake option where you can customize your cake with your filling decoration and final touches.


Java times caffe also offers you best platform to buy chocolates online. We know the secret mantra of maintaining relationships are indeed this dark lord. Hence we also offer you gift ideas in chocolate. Well holidays and occasions are the perfect excuses for people to get away from their daily monotony. And the perfect way to make them feel special is a little gift as a token that they are remembered. There’s something about chocolates that can just lighten up the world don’t you agree? Go ahead and gift your loved ones with our sinfully delicious chocolates and make their day. We have various customized gift ideas in chocolate to make yours and your loved ones day special. Buy best chocolates and bakery products online with us and save your relationships!.  .]


We are the mecca of online bakery, patisserie and all the other sinfully tasty things in life worth indulging!! Each of our products is of highest quality, prepared in the most hygienic environment. Our assortments and flavors complement any seasons or special occasions!!!

We believe that there is nothing in life that a good cake cannot fix!!!So distress yourself with our best desserts!!!


Excellent Advice For Teaching You How To Buy Coffee, Cakes Bakery products !!!

Life is too short for bad coffees and cakes ! Java times  caffe is a one stop solution for your caffeine, bakery and patisserie craving. We offer you a wide range of premium coffees  exquisitely roasted and brewed to your heart’s desire. You can have anything from espresso to an exotic Hazelnut Latte without having to get out from your coziness by ordering coffee online from Javatimes Caffe. When you buy coffee online from us we offer your taste buds the most exotic beans and blends in a single cup.


Our coffee beans are 100 % handpicked authentic Arabic roasted to different degrees .Our roasting standards are extremely specific and along with blended flavors allows the roasting to slip in to your coffee thereby ensuring an enchanting aroma and taste. Our Roasting adheres to PICO roasting methods that ensures you the best dark coffee possible. Since they are roasted to a particular standard and never to a particular color they are a perfect decoration of aroma, flavor and quality. Our other standard roasts include Espresso Roasts which is dark enough to caramelize the sugar and light enough to retain the Aroma, French Roasts which are dark and low in acid with a strong aroma and flavor, Italian Roasts a dark roasting style which is a true art in itself.


We at Java times are not just about coffee! Planning on ordering scones and muffins for your High Tea?  Do you want to surprise your loved one with a lip-smacking chocolate brownie? Or do you want to pamper someone with the most exotic chocolates? Buy best chocolates and bakery products online with us and save your relationships! We offer a wide range of our signature patisseries and rotisserie exclusively customized for your taste buds and occasion. Our hand crafted pastries or tarts on a rainy evening can ensure you a quick fantasy getaway.  Also with holiday seasons around the corner go ahead and gift your loved ones with our sinfully delicious chocolates and make their day. We have various customized gift ideas in chocolate to make yours and your loved ones day special.


With 2 billion cups of coffee being sold daily in UK alone and 65 % of working professionals drinking 3 cups on an average, café culture has taken over the UK market by storm .So for those coffee preneurs out there dreaming of opening a quaint little coffee shop of their own-You have indeed come to the nation’s best coffee connoisseurs. Be ready to join the coffee bandwagon by franchising with us. We are a group of independent online stores that can be run very easily. We have a great brand name and recognition in this industry. Franchising with us can help you get third party financing thereby helping you run business without burning your pockets. We have a loyal client base that will help you boost your sales up.

So if you are looking for the best coffee to wake up to in the morning or joining the bandwagon to live your café dream we are just a click away!