Decaf coffee – Moving on for a healthier choice

Coffee market is brewing at a very fast pace these days. It has successfully captured around 60% of the beverage market and holds strong a delicious niche for itself. Coffee houses or coffee shop franchisees are offering plethora of delicious and aromatic cups of coffee. We all know a regular cup of coffee has caffeine which act as a stimulant but many people may not find it healthier. Surveys have found that some people simply cannot tolerate caffeine and fall sick or jittery after having it. Some people turn up having an upset stomach. A few of them reported ulcers also. Caffeine is not at all good for pregnant women as well. Here is where a decaf coffee comes to play along.


A decaf coffee is exactly same as regular coffee but without caffeine content. It hold down the original aroma of coffee but tastes not exactly like a cup of regular coffee as caffeine creates a bittery flavor of coffee which is not present in a decaf coffee. In fact, it tastes a little milder than coffee with caffeine content.

Does it means, we cannot enjoy a great cup of coffee as some people (who have tried instant decaf coffee) says that decaf tastes terrible? No, absolutely not. Just like making your regular coffee, a decaf coffee requires brewing of freshso as to enjoy and appreciate the great taste of coffee, a decaf coffee precisely. A shift has been noticed towards decaf coffee in a couple of years as people are becoming more health conscious.


Let me throw some light on advantages of a decaf coffee. Studies have proven that a decaf coffee improves the metabolism of sugar and help its conversion to energy. Not only this, a decaffeinated coffee helps to keep type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease at bay. Caffeine is also responsible for many heart diseases like heart attack, strokes or irregular palpitations. A decaf coffee acts as an anti-oxidant which prevents cell damage. Thus, reducing the risk of cancer.


If you are drinking coffee purely for its taste and aroma, then certainly opting for a decaf coffee is a healthier choice and is worth considering. Of course, if you want to stay awake for a longer time then opting out on caffeinated coffee that is your regular one, is certainly a better choice. Gone are the boring days of instant decaf coffee. Today café’s and coffee shops offer their customers with freshly brewed, delicious decaf coffee blends filled with absolute mesmerizing and heavenly aroma.


Java Times Caffe is the premium supplier of all types of coffee, tea, bakery items and chocolate. Espresso pods (normal and decaf) are also available here. This online coffee shop also assist and provide training as well as guidance for having a coffee shop franchise or if you are interested in opening of your own coffee house or café. Decaf espresso pods and espresso pods are increasingly capturing the market.



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