5 reasons to opt coffee shop franchise over individual coffee shop

Coffee business is brewing at a very fast pace in international market. This fact is well proven by looking at a sharp rise in the coffee shops or cafés within a couple of years. The future of coffee Business is undoubtedly bright and shining. Are you confused between opening a coffee outlet of your own or opting a franchise? Then this article may be helpful to you. The main goal is to throw light over the reasons, on how having a franchise is better than starting a café from scratch. If you are financially sound and willing to enter the coffee business then there is no better option than having a café franchise.  There are many coffee chains running worldwide and each one serves something special.


Some may have food menu also like freshly baked sandwiches, pastries, pizzas etc or some may have special hot coffees for winters and smoothies or shakes in summers. It is completely up to what you need to offer. The best way of deciding which coffee shop franchise to opt is by doing a survey. Find out what people love the most or depending upon the taste or preferences of the people, take your decision. Entering into any business is not at all easy but with careful planning, marketing and guidance of the franchiser you can hit the target audience with a bang. Going for a chain of coffee shop is further recommended for those having little or no business knowledge as these franchise companies will provide step by step guidance and training for the budding entrepreneurs to succeed.

Top 5 reasons for opting coffee shop franchise over starting your own coffee shop from scratch are:


Reason 1: Brand Value Addition

As coffee franchise chains are very popular among all age groups. Their name is well recognized and they have a well set reputation. As the brand is well recognized, this gives the advantage that whenever people feel coffee craving, the first name that strikes their mind is of that particular coffee shop franchise. This marks the brand addition to your retail coffee house.  Adding more it, if your café is at a tourist location then it will capture the market in no time. As tourists will prefer going to a place they already know rather than trying a new shop. You don’t have to spend any extra money for your marketing or promotion. The marketing is done automatically when the franchise chain advertizes itself either on television or on social media. Without making any extra effort your coffee house is advertised worldwide.


Reason 2: Not Alone

You will not be alone in your venture; your franchisor will always be holding your hands and taking proper care of your business growth. They will guide you step by step regarding all management aspects too like managing employees,  ordering supplies, managing day to day tasks and what all things to accept or avoid. They will provide you with rule book. You just need to follow those and that’s it!!! In any case the franchise want to see you succeed as its name is tied with it. If you cannot afford the franchise then some good companies also allow inducting a financial partner or going for third party financing.


Reason 3: World class Training

These coffee shop franchises or chains are best for people who would like become entrepreneurs with basic guidance. Franchisors will provide training to the staff so that they work more efficiently. Staff will be trained on the menus and how to serve and in what quantity. Also, how to operate on vending machines or closing the safe at the end of the day. They keep on adding or enhancing menu items keeping a pace with the people’s taste or ongoing trends in the coffee market. The individual need not to worry regarding that.


Reason 4: All supplies under one roof

Another advantage is that, all the basic necessities required for opening a coffee shop are provided by franchises. They will provide you with standard supplies and equipments. You don’t need to hunt for coffee suppliers or dealers. Everything is provided to you including cutlery. These franchises have standard machines, cutleries and other equipment which are same for all chains. From sketching to designing to seating arrangements everything is provided by the head office. You just have to manage the resources. That’s it!! Doesn’t it sound easy?

java-times-caffe (1).jpg

Reason 5: Rewarding

Opting a coffee franchise is definitely a safer option if you are new in the coffee business. These franchises keep you updated on the new coffee flavors introduced in the market. You have the brand name and reputation of the company tied with you, and this will be your first step for a profitable business. It’s a win win situation for both franchisee and franchisor.

By carefully selecting the brand and well execution of your business goals, you will definitely mark your name in the list of successful entrepreneurs. Branding your coffee shop will not only increase customer interest but will surely boost up your sales.


One more trend which is griping its paws worldwide is coming up of online coffee shops. Yes, take your business to new heights by taking it across the world by the use of World Wide Web i.e. internet. No infrastructure required, no huge staff just register your website, take a web space and that’s it!!! These shops offer all variants of coffee, chocolates, coffee machines, tea etc.

Before making any final decision on taking up a franchise, make sure you check its review online or other social platforms. Call them up and see if their terms and conditions suit you. So give wings to your endeavors by choosing a correct coffee shop franchise.

Java Times Caffe offers complete guidance and consultation on any query regarding coffee shop franchise. They even provide training for staff and managers for your café. Java Times Caffe is the leading supplier of all coffee needs like tea, coffee, chocolates and bakery items. Java Times Caffe  has been ranked amongst the top online coffee shops in terms of customer satisfaction.



Revitalize Your Morning Routine With Java Times Caffe Bakery Products

The term “bakery” itself makes my mouth watery.  Basically I am not foodie, but do enjoy eating some bakery items especially bread and cakes. We can describe a bakery “as shop which produces flour-based items.  Normally these items are baked in an oven and only then these are sold.

The various products which involve this procedure are bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits etc. The list is unlimited. In each of these products you find a number of varieties. It takes a lot of time to make a choice what you want to purchase.  That is the position today as you find a range of options for you to select. In spite of producing other items, I am damn sure that the making of bread and cakes differentiates a bakery from other bakery.  The taste highlights yours creativity in creating a good hygienic product. Irrespective of age, everyone is crazy about eating bakery products.

The common raw materials required for bakery products are wheat flour, sugar, eggs and ghee, milk powder, yeast, salt, assorted fruits, baking powder, caramel color, vanilla or essences, butter cream. Not all the ingredients mentioned above are used to prepare all the items. Based on the products, the combination of the above items is used. To make a fine bakery product, all the ingredients used should be of a good quality.  Only then the taste will be good.

Today, you find that the bakery business is popular.  A bakery owner should take precautions to maintain the quality, hygiene of the products and a person buying it should precautions in choosing.  As the bakery products are eatables, extra care has to be taken to safeguard their taste and quality.  The bakery products face the problem rotting soon if it is not consumed within the specified time. In other words, it starts developing a bad smell and is quite unhygienic.  Bakery products taste good if they are fresh.


Precautionary measures to be followed by a bakery:

  1. While mixing the ingredients or while preparing the bakery products, there are chances of items spilling on ground. This is quite common. A special care has to be taken and seen that while working, walking carefully will save you from slipping down.


  1. Usage of heavy machinery on uneven floors (if any) is always dangerous and should be avoided.


  1. As the bakery products have to be cooked on higher temperatures special care has to be taken, especially in case of fire.


  1. The electrical fittings need to checked regularly to avoid accidents


  1. The bakery must always have an first-aid box, as the workers work in high temperatures.


  1. The bakery area should be maintained very neatly. Any sort of negligence with lead to illness.


  1. The bakery products prepared should be hygienic.


  1. If products expiry period is over or the product is giving bad smell, then the products should be removed and destroyed.

Precautions to be taken by consumer while choosing the bakery products:

  1. Don’t go by the look of the product. Not all that glitters is gold.  Everything which looks neat may not hygienic and eatable. Check the expiry date and choose a product.


  1. Check for price of the products. Almost all bakeries maintain an uniform rate for their products but there are chances of reducing price in case of bulk orders.


  1. Inform the baker if you find the product giving bad smell and see that the product is removed from the stock and destroyed.


  1. Check for the ingredients also. There are chances of some ingredients being included which may not suit one’s health.


  1. Demand for a clean packing of the product.


There was a time when a bakery was different and a place for serving beverages like coffee, tea was different.  But now everything is managed by coffee shops. They are offering bakery products, chocolates and other snack items also apart from coffee, tea and other beverages.  This they are doing to attract the customer.

A chocolate can be referred as a sweet which is liked by everyone irrespective of age factor.  There was a time when people used to gift various types of sweets in festive season. But now the sweet concept has changed to gifting chocolates. A chocolate is made with a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar, milk powder. I have always found that eating chocolates has relieved my stress levels.

Buying chocolates have become fashion nowadays. The reason may be due to increase in the number of uses of a good chocolate. The special variety of chocolate blended with dry fruits such as nuts, raisins or crisped rice is the improvement of chocolate bars. Further, this was developed using wafers. The process of creating new tastes is still going on.  However the basic uses of Chocolate are:





  • The combination of chocolate and ice cream or chocolate with pudding is just yummy.


This is the age of internet. Enjoy buying of chocolates online. The competition between online selling of chocolates is very tough.  The chocolate manufacturer himself tries to sell his chocolates online but the option may be good in case bulk purchases. In case small amounts are to be purchased, other websites can be approached. I would suggest http://javatimescaffe.com/ who deals with a number of varieties of yummy chocolates – both their own made and other brands also. The reason why I am suggesting this website is you get the quality product at a very good price and the chances of getting cheated is nil. Experience and enjoy shopping.




6 Tips to Ensure a Perfect Cup of Coffee That Tastes Heavenly

Nobody is perfect but there can be a perfect way to kick start your day. Yes!!! An absolutely delicious and ravishing cup of perfectly brewed coffee can make your day not only refreshing but energetic too.

This article is intended to share some tips to make a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

  1. Choosing Coffee Beans:

I usually don’t go to super market to buy coffee beans. I prefer buying them online from an online coffee shop that offers varieties to choose and the price difference indeed.  The eminence of coffee hugely depends on the quality of coffee beans. Be it green beans or roasted, but the freshness of the coffee beans is the main factor. As people are becoming more health conscious, a shift has been noticed towards green coffee. Store them properly air tight container placed at a cool and dry place.


  1. Coffee making equipment:

Before making coffee, make sure you have the right equipment for brewing.  If you don’t have, tryout some online coffee shops. Indeed they have the latest ones at best prices. Be it espresso machines, grinding machines or brewing equipment, all are available at a mouse click and are delivered right at your doorstep.


  1. Freshly grind coffee beans:

Don’t ignore this step. Different coffees require different grinding like French Press requires a coarse grind but an espresso requires a fine grind. Grinding incorrectly may spoil the taste of coffee. The taste is enhanced if you brew your coffee with freshly ground coffee beans. Instant coffees and E.S.E. (Easy serve Espresso) pods are also available in market. These are very simple and convenient to use. Buy them best at any coffee store.


  1. Measure properly:

Coffee to water ratio is something which you have to care upon. It’s purely about preference, some like strong and some mild. Make sure to use purified water, else the chlorinated one will ruin your taste of coffee. For a standard strength coffee 2 leveled tablespoons for a 6 ounce cup. The proper temperature is 200°F.  Keep in mind, reheating, boiling or holding it on warm place for longer time will make the coffee taste bitter or bad. Coffee will not hold its flavors for longer time, after it is first brewed. So brew only that amount of coffee, which will be consumed right away.


  1. Serve immediately:

Serve the coffee hot within 20 minutes of brewing else your effort would all go waste. Or add milk to make your favorite drink like cappuccino, latte or mocha. If you want to drink coffee at some other time, make sure you put in a thermo flask.

download (4).jpg

  1. Clean the equipments:

Clean your coffee equipments like grinders or machines often in a few weeks.  There are coffee equipment cleaners available in the market which helps dissolving any mineral deposits.


Java Times Caffe is an online coffee shop where you can buy best quality coffee products and coffee related equipments.  They also offer guidance and training on taking up coffee shop franchise. Visit Java Times Caffe for more coffee products.

Decaf coffee – Moving on for a healthier choice

Coffee market is brewing at a very fast pace these days. It has successfully captured around 60% of the beverage market and holds strong a delicious niche for itself. Coffee houses or coffee shop franchisees are offering plethora of delicious and aromatic cups of coffee. We all know a regular cup of coffee has caffeine which act as a stimulant but many people may not find it healthier. Surveys have found that some people simply cannot tolerate caffeine and fall sick or jittery after having it. Some people turn up having an upset stomach. A few of them reported ulcers also. Caffeine is not at all good for pregnant women as well. Here is where a decaf coffee comes to play along.


A decaf coffee is exactly same as regular coffee but without caffeine content. It hold down the original aroma of coffee but tastes not exactly like a cup of regular coffee as caffeine creates a bittery flavor of coffee which is not present in a decaf coffee. In fact, it tastes a little milder than coffee with caffeine content.

Does it means, we cannot enjoy a great cup of coffee as some people (who have tried instant decaf coffee) says that decaf tastes terrible? No, absolutely not. Just like making your regular coffee, a decaf coffee requires brewing of freshso as to enjoy and appreciate the great taste of coffee, a decaf coffee precisely. A shift has been noticed towards decaf coffee in a couple of years as people are becoming more health conscious.


Let me throw some light on advantages of a decaf coffee. Studies have proven that a decaf coffee improves the metabolism of sugar and help its conversion to energy. Not only this, a decaffeinated coffee helps to keep type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease at bay. Caffeine is also responsible for many heart diseases like heart attack, strokes or irregular palpitations. A decaf coffee acts as an anti-oxidant which prevents cell damage. Thus, reducing the risk of cancer.


If you are drinking coffee purely for its taste and aroma, then certainly opting for a decaf coffee is a healthier choice and is worth considering. Of course, if you want to stay awake for a longer time then opting out on caffeinated coffee that is your regular one, is certainly a better choice. Gone are the boring days of instant decaf coffee. Today café’s and coffee shops offer their customers with freshly brewed, delicious decaf coffee blends filled with absolute mesmerizing and heavenly aroma.


Java Times Caffe is the premium supplier of all types of coffee, tea, bakery items and chocolate. Espresso pods (normal and decaf) are also available here. This online coffee shop also assist and provide training as well as guidance for having a coffee shop franchise or if you are interested in opening of your own coffee house or café. Decaf espresso pods and espresso pods are increasingly capturing the market.


Pour A Cup O’ Joe with Java Times Caffe Online Coffee Shop

Is low financial budget, hindering your way of becoming successful entrepreneur? Then, just go with the wind. Means take your business online. Yes!!! Going online will certainly reduce your financial requirements as well as make your product known internationally. With coffee business brewing exceptionally in the international market, opting for an online coffee shop, will definitely turn out a profitable option. You are your own boss with an online business. No fixed timings, no mid-night oil burning. Profits can be achieved even with putting less effort. But going online, doesn’t means you need not to care about anything. There are certain tips for opening an online coffee shop.


  1. Selecting a domain name :

This is the main step to brand your coffee shop getting known worldwide by registering a perfect domain name. If possible try getting all domains like .com, .net etc. Make a more professional image of yours by having an email space and your own website. Give more power to your business by having a well maintained and managed website, displaying clearly all the products you will be offering.


  1. Products offered:

Make sure to provide wide range of products at reasonable prices. You may also include bakery items like fresh breads, cakes, muffins, pastries in different flavors which can be customized by the customer as per their choice of occasion. Display attractive pictures of items you offer, the more attractive the image is, more are your orders. You may also include coffee variants (tea, roasted coffee, green coffee, espresso pods, decaf espresso pods) and delicious chocolates. Once your business starts flourishing, you can decide to expand it by selling equipments needed in a café, providing training to people opting for a coffee shop franchise. Thus, take your business to international levels.


  1. Marketing:

Social marketing can make or break your business. Consult a good digital marketing expert. Let the world read you through your blogs. Make good social profiles on twitter, facebook and other social websites and talk to the world online. Attract your customers by giving them lucrative offers or offer some discount coupons. Keep a check on the competitors and also follow the latest trend in the market.


  1. Best services:

Offer best online services in terms of quality and delivery. The online business is carried only on the basis of trust. So, gain trust of customers and leave them fully satisfied with your best services.



So be a part of today’s world when everything can be managed over a mouse click. Java Times Caffe, is one such online coffee shop offering versatile range of tea, coffee, bakery products and chocolates. Latest grinding and brewing machines and other cutlery are also available with them.  They have served many satisfied customers worldwide.  Java Times Caffe also deals in guiding for opening a café, coffee shop. Training and step by step guidance is also imparted if you are interested in opening of coffee shop franchise. Enjoy a wonderful shopping experience at  https://www.javatimescaffe.com/ .