This Article Will Help You To Online Purchase Procedure

Shopping was the favorite time pass for some once upon a time. Now I don’t say the theme of shopping has faded out, only difference that is found now is people enjoy shopping online. Online purchases have given a wide range of options to the buyers nowadays.  They can visit ‘n’ number of websites for the desired products with competitive prices. The buyer has the option of comparing the prices and then making choice.   Previously, the buyer had to visit many stores personally but now sit in front of computer and start browsing. You have the facility of buying online at door step.


The concept of buying commodities online is the same with all commodities.  Only some points vary where special care has to be taken by the buyer in choosing. One such area is eatables.   Buying coffee online or buying chocolates online the idea looks nice and easy, but if the hygiene part is taken care then you can enjoy the benefit of the online purchases you have made.


Chocolates a mouth-watering and yummy sweet made with the combination of mix cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, condensed milk and sugar which is blended well. As per my knowledge chocolate is the only sweet which is liked universally by all people irrespective of age.


Coffee on the other hand is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans. Roasted beans are ground and brewed with near boiling water to produce coffee as a beverage.


Steps involved in online purchase:


  • Choose the brand of coffee or chocolates you want to purchase: Research has to be done by surfing various websites to get the desired flavors. Select the brand you want to purchase.


  • Check the ingredients of the product: Normally there are chocolates which can be consumed by all the age factors and some which can be consumed only by adults or senior citizens. Likewise there are two types of coffees available in market.  One with caffeine and other without caffeine. One should choose according to the tastes and preferences and not according to the availability of the product.


  • Compare the cost of the product: The cost of the products differs from one website to another. Each website offers different schemes which results in fluctuations in price which may be an advantage to you.


  • Verify details: The details like manufacturing date, expiry date, ingredients etc., have to be checked before the purchase as some times, on online purchases, the products which have crossed the expiry date will be delivered to you which may be highly unhygienic.


  • Place an Order: When once everything is sorted out, place an order on the form available on the website.


  • Provide your contact details: This is the most important factor because if you a wrong or incomplete address, then your consignment will never reach you.


  • Payment: There are 3 payment options which almost every website provides:-
  1. Payment through use of your Debit card;
  2. Payment through use of Credit card; &
  3. Cash on Delivery.


A reliable website like Java Times Caffe  solves the problem of this hectic procedure. You can confidently place on order on this website and enjoy the service provided by them.  You can be 100% sure that the product purchased from this website is qualitative.



Amazing Journey For Brewing A Delicious Cup Of Coffee

Whether it is your first date or strengthening of business relationships or a casual get-together, everything is done over a cup of coffee. Do you ever wonder how this coffee reaches you? There you are!! This article is all about journey of Order coffee online a little coffee bean to your luscious and delicious cup of coffee. Coffee beans und`\ergo many stages before reaching you like planting, harvesting, roasting, brewing etc. Let’s get into each of them in detail.


  • PLANTATION: Tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions favor the growth of coffee. Climatic conditions along with correct combination of variety of plant, soil, rainfall, sunshine and even altitude all determine the quality of coffee. Coffee seeds are planted in shaded nurseries till they are sprouted. Afterwards, seedlings are removed and shifted to individual pots containing formulated soil where they are watered and kept in shade.


  • HARVESTING: After three to four years of planting, we get the fruit which we call as cherry. These cherries are just like berries and change their color to bright red which means they are ready for harvesting. The skin is thick and bitter but underneath lays an extremely sweet fruit. Then comes a slimy layer and next layer is sliver skin which protects the two halves. Harvesting is done in the dry season either mechanically or manually. Handpicking is time consuming but it guarantees to provide the finest of ripe coffee beans.


  • PROCESSING CHERRIES: The cherries must be processed as soon as they are picked lest they will get spoiled. There are mainly two ways. The first one is the conventional drying method. The cherries are dried under sun for around couple of weeks. The second one is wet drying in which the pulp is removed and then it is fermented and sorted according to size and then machine dried. In both the cases, the cherries are dried until the moisture content remains 11%. From this point, the coffee now known as parchment coffee, is sent to warehouse and is ready to be exported.


  • TASTING: This is the main stage where coffee’s aroma and its taste are checked and then coffee beans the refined so the only the finest and best coffee beans are sent to the market. For this purpose an expert, called the cupper is called. The cuppers’ senses are so strong that he can tell even the slightest of difference.


  • ROASTING and GRINDING: The coffee which we purchase from the market is roasted coffee. Roasting is done to convert green coffee to aromatic brown beans. The roasting machines keep the beans moving so as to prevent them from burning. Grinding is done to extract most of the flavor in a cup of coffee. The readiness of coffee preparation depends on how fine it is grinded.


  • BREWING: Now brew your coffee and ENJOY!!!!. The coffee tastes best when it just grinded before brewing. The best way to buy coffee online is, just order coffee online from any online coffee store and enjoy a perfect cup at home with coffee delivering right at your doorstep.


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4 simple steps to start your own online coffee shop

If we talk about any business, everyone wants to enjoy freedom and above all, everyone wants to the boss of the business. The java industry is on boom and will continue to bloom in future also. So, starting a coffee business or investing in java, sounds perfect and an intelligent choice. In this digital era, going online will be a nice option. Rather I would like to put it this way that starting an online coffee shop will be a smart and profitable option.



Talking about the advantages, then the main advantage is that it does not require any infrastructure or staff. You can be your own boss and can manage your online business yourself completely. Just a little financial investment is required for the initial set up and marketing. That’s it!!! . In fact you get a worldwide recognition and add a brand to yourself. Another advantage is that you have complete freedom to work, like you can work whenever you want, flexible timings to be precise.


Less work and more profit!!! What can sound better than this? Once your business starts flourishing, you can plan to expand your business like you can provide bakery items or helping out people in setting up a café or even providing training to coffee house staff. So, in all it’s a win win situation for you. Now let’s talk about how to paw over it.

Step 1: Make a list of products you want to offer to your customers. You need to be very clear about how much quantity and which quality products you are going to offer. Make a checklist of products like tea with all brands, coffee and its variants like green, roasted etc, coffee equipments.


Step 2:                 You should be very clear and specific about your target audience to whom you will be catering your products online. Secondly, know your market well. Make a survey like what are the best selling products?  Checkout for the loopholes of your competitors and try filling out those or, any product that is in demand and is missing from online shops.

Step 3: Now the main thing, buy your own domain name and email space. Try to get a name matching your website this will enhance your branding and social media marketing. Then set up a shopping website with a cart. If you cannot do it, make it done from somebody. Make sure, you design your website keeping in mind your targeted audience.


Step 4: Last but not the least; you need to promote your website through blogs, articles, and social media platforms. You can get a SEO done for your online coffee shop so that your name appears on the first page of search engine results. You can take help of an IT professional.

That’s it!! Now you are all set and geared up for opening your online coffee shop. For reference you can visit. Java Times Caffe is an online coffee shop offering all variants of tea, coffee, chocolates, coffee equipments and bakery items.