Amazing Journey For Brewing A Delicious Cup Of Coffee

Whether it is your first date or strengthening of business relationships or a casual get-together, everything is done over a cup of coffee. Do you ever wonder how this coffee reaches you? There you are!! This article is all about journey of Order coffee online a little coffee bean to your luscious and delicious cup of coffee. Coffee beans und`\ergo many stages before reaching you like planting, harvesting, roasting, brewing etc. Let’s get into each of them in detail.


  • PLANTATION: Tropical and sub-tropical climatic conditions favor the growth of coffee. Climatic conditions along with correct combination of variety of plant, soil, rainfall, sunshine and even altitude all determine the quality of coffee. Coffee seeds are planted in shaded nurseries till they are sprouted. Afterwards, seedlings are removed and shifted to individual pots containing formulated soil where they are watered and kept in shade.


  • HARVESTING: After three to four years of planting, we get the fruit which we call as cherry. These cherries are just like berries and change their color to bright red which means they are ready for harvesting. The skin is thick and bitter but underneath lays an extremely sweet fruit. Then comes a slimy layer and next layer is sliver skin which protects the two halves. Harvesting is done in the dry season either mechanically or manually. Handpicking is time consuming but it guarantees to provide the finest of ripe coffee beans.


  • PROCESSING CHERRIES: The cherries must be processed as soon as they are picked lest they will get spoiled. There are mainly two ways. The first one is the conventional drying method. The cherries are dried under sun for around couple of weeks. The second one is wet drying in which the pulp is removed and then it is fermented and sorted according to size and then machine dried. In both the cases, the cherries are dried until the moisture content remains 11%. From this point, the coffee now known as parchment coffee, is sent to warehouse and is ready to be exported.


  • TASTING: This is the main stage where coffee’s aroma and its taste are checked and then coffee beans the refined so the only the finest and best coffee beans are sent to the market. For this purpose an expert, called the cupper is called. The cuppers’ senses are so strong that he can tell even the slightest of difference.


  • ROASTING and GRINDING: The coffee which we purchase from the market is roasted coffee. Roasting is done to convert green coffee to aromatic brown beans. The roasting machines keep the beans moving so as to prevent them from burning. Grinding is done to extract most of the flavor in a cup of coffee. The readiness of coffee preparation depends on how fine it is grinded.


  • BREWING: Now brew your coffee and ENJOY!!!!. The coffee tastes best when it just grinded before brewing. The best way to buy coffee online is, just order coffee online from any online coffee store and enjoy a perfect cup at home with coffee delivering right at your doorstep.


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