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A coffee shop franchise is a business which is started with a very little investment.  Popular brands in order to expand their brand awareness and popularity, give their technology to small scale business men on payment of some fees initially.  Businessmen have to invest for the ideal location to setup his business and raw materials will be produced and supplied by the company.


Sometimes coffee shop franchisees don’t have to  pay any percentage-of-sales royalty or marketing fees to the main company. Franchisees simply order their coffee and other supplies from the company, which is how it makes its money. The company also works with franchisees to come up with the best layout, location, and business plan for each store.



Whenever I have visited a Coffee shop franchisee (as the main company is not located near my place), the aroma of good coffee forces me to sit down for a while and enjoy the coffee and forget everything else. There are other products such as tea, chocolates and bakery products like cakes, cookies, and biscuits available here.

Chocolates, its yummy taste makes the people consuming it forget all tensions atleast for some time. Gifting of Chocolates is a best idea as there is no age limit for consumption of good chocolates.  Only thing to remember while buying chocolates  is its quality.  A chocolate loses its taste if it is consumed after the expiry date.  Especially while buying chocolates online, this factor has to be considered.


If you are looking to order chocolates online for yourself or for your loved ones then you need to check out collection of good chocolates available on various websites.  Remember the website should be reliable. If I would have been given a chance, I would have opted Java Times Caffe  It has wide collection range of chocolates, bakery products apart from beverages like tea and the very special coffee.

You can send the chocolates online to your loved ones. Place an order for required chocolate, pay the amount of chocolates and give the address where the chocolate has to be delivered and it will be done through the required medium based on the situation and distance of destination either by road, rail or air.



Buying or purchasing products like chocolates or bakery products online becomes a responsible task. Just do not blindly choose a product which is nicely printed on website.  You need to recheck the ingredients before buying any chocolate or bakery products online. Check the quality and expiry date and any negligence may result to unhygienic conditions.  You may fall ill by consuming the products ordered by you.

After you are double confirmed regarding buying chocolates or bakery products, only then you place an order. Pay the required amount either by credit or debit card of use Cash on delivery facility.  The website will inform you in how many days you will receive the chocolates or bakery products. Sending Chocolates Online has become very easy nowadays.  Now it is the duty of the website or rather the coffee caffé who has been approached to deliver the chocolates at the right time.




Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Coffee Shop Franchise

A coffee shop successful in one place has to expand worldwide because only when you expand your brands can get popular.  Mere publicity won’t help.  Your product should be available locally. This is the place where the concept of coffee shop franchise works. A coffee shop franchiser has to select a good location where there is a good gathering of people. Raw material will be supplied by the company.


Proper serving of delicious coffee, tea or other bakery products not only increases brand image but the coffee shop franchiser can develop his client list of his own. Normally coffee shop franchises are found in malls, commercial and shopping areas etc., where people frequently visit.  The coffee chain prides itself on providing specialty coffee products. Each coffee shop franchise actually roasts coffee in front of its customers. And they also provide some pastries and baked goods for purchase.

To order chocolates online or the idea to send the chocolates online is a easy job. But it is important to know the different types of chocolates available in present market.


Chocolates are of different types namely :-

  • Pure, unsweetened chocolate, often called “baking chocolate”, contains primarily cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions.
  • Chocolate consumed today is mostly is in the form of sweet chocolate, which combines chocolate with sugar.
  • Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that also contains milk powder or condensed milk.
  • White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids.
  • pic-chocolate.jpg

After choosing the type of chocolate, to buy chocolates online you need to visit a website. Check for the availability and place an order using order placing option.  Give the destination address and pay for the same.  That’s it. The job is done. Now it is the duty of the Coffee shop whose website you have visited and placed the order to send the required product to the destination promptly.

Any mistake by the coffee shop while delivering the product may result in negative promotion of the coffee shop, its products, and the brand image is lost.  This may happen in seconds, because it is an online business and anything and everything that happen here is within seconds.

Order Chocolates and bakery products Online on Java Times Caffe to relish the wide range of varieties available at  Java Times Caffe. Apart from chocolates, Java Times Caffe provides excellent products related to Bakery also.  They provide customised service to customers and respond to customers very quickly in case of any query.


The benefit of buying from online bakery on Java Times Caffe  is that it is absolutely fresh and mouth-watering.  Here the baked products are prepared only after there is a specific order for the product. And once the product is ready it is delivered immediately.

The team of Java Times Caffe which consists of its franchisees also offer delicious breads & cakes, wide range of freshly baked cookies, muffins, biscuits & sweets. The buyer can easily surf the wide range of products available at affordable price. All the description of each product is mentioned in detail. You no longer need to wait in long queues, or travel long distance to have your favorite bakery item.





Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser.

An online shopping is done for buying products or services, this process is called business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping. When an online store is set up to enable businesses to buy from another business, the process is called business-to-business (B2B) online shopping. A typical online store enables the customer to browse the firm’s range of products and services, view photos or images of the products, along with information about the product specifications, features and prices.


A chocolate (typically a sweet) is a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar. Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk. White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids.

Buying chocolates online comes under business-to-consumer (B2C) online shopping.

There are some advantages and disadvantages using this online chocolate shopping.


Advantages of Online Chocolate shopping:

  • Convenience to the consumers: Visiting a conventional retail store requires travel or commuting. By buying chocolates online, the chocolates can be ordered just by a click on the website and paying for it.
  • Information: When chocolates are purchased online, various websites are checked which may result in gaining information about various types of chocolates available worldwide. This makes the choice very easy.
  • IMG_8636_Christmas_Trees_and_Ornaments_Originals_Truffles_Satin_Fudge_4-Tier_Gift_Dark_Milk_White_Chocolate_Cordial_Cherries_Chocolate_Covered_Client_Gift_Box_Christmas_1024x1024.jpg

Disadvantages of Online Chocolate shopping:

  • Since Chocolates are eatables, they should be very hygienic. Expired chocolates may be sent through online chocolate shopping.  It is advised to the person placing the order for online chocolate purchase, to check the expiry date mentioned on the chocolates as soon as he receives the consignment.  In case there is any discrepancy, he should complain to the concerned people with whom the transaction has been done.


  • Misuse of debit cards/credit cards : For any online chocolate purchase or rather any other purchase, payment has to be made by Debit cards, Credit cards or Cash on Delivery basis based on the agreement. In case debit cards or credit cards are used, it has to be done as soon as order is placed. This is internet business and there is no security or safety of bank details. They can be misused. So check for a while before giving your bank details when such purchases are done. Even before that, check for authenticity of the website.  There are chances of a fake websites showing some products and asking for bank details when order is placed. Finally when order is placed and is paid, there won’t be any actual delivery of the product.

I love chocolates and would recommend everyone to visit the following website to buy chocolates online.

Java Times Caffe is an online marketplace created for shoppers and sellers where love tea, coffee, chocolate, and fine bakery products are being served with care and attention. Their main objective is to design a worldwide service to offer these four products to consumers, and do so from one place.  They provide a wide range of delicious and hygienic chocolates in their stores.

Excellent Advice For Teaching You How To Buy Online Bakery Products

Bakery,  hmmmm… The word itself takes our senses to the fragrance of the fresh bread being done. The very thought makes our mouth watery. The yummy taste of the bread and the other products like cake, cookies. I still remember my childhood days, when we had to travel a long distance to purchase bread from the bakery. But now the scenario has changed. It would be a blunder if we do not thank internet. Everything has changed since internet has come into picture. Everything comes to the doorstep just by clicking and placing an order and paying for the product. The scope of every business has changed. A person can do his business worldwide sitting in his own place.


Online bakery products are one such concept. Creativity has no limit here. One such caffe is JAVA TIMES CAFFÉ. Java Times Caffe is an online marketplace which` is created for shoppers and sellers who love tea, coffee, chocolate, and fine bakery products. Their worldwide service is designed with one single purpose in mind: offer these four products to consumers, and do so from one place. This gives them the ability to offer a variety of services related to these four products; allowing customers and businesses the opportunity to learn about, buy, or sell, these products without leaving the Java Time Caffe community.

chocolate chip cookies and milk cake.jpg

Whenever you want a better service look out for the logo below and enter the Caffe and you will be served the best.An online concept makes it easy for everyone to start selling right away. A free admin panel is available, and every store owner has their own social profile, and can interact directly with their clients whenever they want.

The procedure is simple in case you are starting the business independently. A website is to be created giving the complete details of the company.  The pictures of the bakery products available to be served have to be displayed on the website. The price of the product have also to be mentioned along with the contact of the company including the phone numbers, email ids etc., have to be mentioned making it easy for the customers to contact in case of any requirement.


The customer visits the website in case of requirement, chooses the product, gives his contact details, pays for the products and it is the duty of the bakery shop owner to dispatch the ordered product to the customer at the address given by him.  Inclusion of delivery charges in price or the service is done free of cost is left the Online bakery owner as per his business strategy.

In case franchisee has been taken, the software is given by the main office.  All the programming, website designing is done by it. The brand name is used. The online bakery owner has to pay the main office some amount for using its technology and brand name to do the business. The procedure remains the same with regards to placing an order upto delivery of the order as in case of independent business.



De-stress yourself with most sinful indulgence!!!

Are you are a person who believes in baker’s Midas Touch? Do you believe only right Parmesan Oregano bread can be used for your subs? Do you insist on hot scones or lemon cake to enjoy your afternoon tea? Are you looking for corporate gifting in confectioner in form of a pate de fruit, assorted nibbles or exquisite chocolates buy online? For rest of the world you might be a cringe and a selective snob but for us, you are the quintessential customer and food lover who define our existence.


We offer best patisserie in form of variety of cakes, muffins and tarts to meet your right occasion. We provide exquisite chocolate gateau birthday cake to multi tier cake to blend with your perfect Victorian summer wedding. We also have non-conventional options like creamy croquet en bouche or profiterole to suit a modern minimalistic weddings and baby showers. We a offer traditional festivity patisserie to brighten up your holiday season. From traditional Italian panettone, Christmas pudding, to Easter fruit cakes and macarons we just provide you reasons to make your festive season more jubilant. We also believe right baker can make difference to your entire day by lightening up your daily breakfast bread. We have a varied varieties of breads from traditional bannock to cottage loaf to manshef loafs. We also provide buns, bagels and rolls. Our biscotti and confectionary items include biscuits, cookies, pies, nibble bits and savories.


We at Java times caffe can cater to your every need and occasion. Irrespective of an English high tea party or an evening wedding or an annual corporate outing we have customized range of bakery and patisserie items to fit to your budget and occasion. Our products are handcrafted with finest culinary experts who believe in making you forget all day’s troubles with our exquisite gourmet. We believe that happy memories that we give our customers are our greatest testimonials. You can also buy bakery products online suitable for any particular festivity like Easter hot cross buns, Mother’s day macarons that come in assorted gift boxes.


We also offer the best platform to buy luscious and exquisite chocolates to fit any festive season occasion and person. If ever you run out of gift ideas chocolate can assure to give you those melting moments. Gifting ideas in chocolate can range from assorted Brussels bouquet for a valentine’s day or an assortment of fondues or truffles for a mother’s day to remind the special person of the place they hold in your hearts. You can also indulge a friend a colleague or your boss with subtle yet strong coffee flavoured caraquets or hazelnut coated pralines. You can also give these assortments as a get well soon gift for a sick friend or a congratulatory present to someone for achievement. Yes we think Chocolate, after all who can say no to this sinfully delightful dark lord.

We at Java times Caffe are a team of dedicated bakers who believe in making your palate filled with love, indulgence and flavor. So go ahead and spread love this season with bakery and chocolate products from us.