Eight Simple Tips for a Perfectly Brewed cup of Coffee

Can’t imagine to kick start your day without a cup of coffee? Hmm… Coffee has become an indispensable part of our lives. We can’t imagine our lives without it. Not only at homes but when it comes for an office discussion, a get together or your first Date, café is the first place which strikes the mind. And why not!!! It is the best place indeed for building and strengthening relationships.

Here are some secret tips which if followed will guarantee a coffee which is not only perfectly brewed but is also rich in aroma and satisfies your caffeine cravings. So Let’s get down to each tip one by one.


Tip1: Always buy fresh coffee

Always buy fresh coffee. If you unable to visit the market due to some pre-occupancy then let the internet do it for you. Select an online coffee shop and select your favorite coffee and buy coffee online by placing an order. The bag will be delivered right at your doorstep. Some even offer cash on delivery which means you can do the payment when you receive the packet.


One more thing, if the coffee usage is less at your place then do not buy large bags else you have a large vacuum container to store it.


Tip2: Store in an air-tight container


Never freeze the powdered coffee or coffee beans as it affects the taste of the coffee. Store your coffee beans in an air-tight container so as to prevent them from getting stale.

Tip3: Try different variants of coffee beans



While going to buy coffee beans or ground coffee, try some different coffee flavors. Make sure you buy them in small quantity. Check out if it is Robusta or Arabica or a mixture of both.


Tip4: Grind yourself

Try to buy coffee beans and grind them fresh. A cup of coffee brewed from fresh beans is more aromatic and tastier than brewing from pre-packed grounded coffee.


Tip5: Go for correct measurements

Always remember to have a fair amount of ground coffee while brewing. A lesser coffee will not have the desired taste. If you are preparing an espresso coffee at home, use 7 grams for every shot. Coffee is all about flavor and taste.


Tip6: Avoid Reheating

Coffee loses its flavor on reheating and will result in a foul taste. Also, don’t add boiling water after the coffee is brewed; this can result in burning and changing the taste of the original coffee.


Tip7: Use a thermometer

140o F is perfect for steaming the milk. If the temperature exceeds, it may lead to burning of milk leading to a foul taste.


Tip8: Try different flavors

There are many different flavored syrups available in the market like caramel, vanilla, popcorn, strawberry etc. Try adding them to get an opulent coffee experience. You can try with different ice-creams and chocolates too.

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Cool Coffee Facts for Cool Coffee Enthusiasts



Coffee is the considered one of the best food and beverage in the world and is one of the world’s most consumed beverage as well. It’s like the “National Beverage” of every nation on the planet. But there are some fun things about coffee which only a small amount of people know. So here I have compiled a list of some of these cool coffee facts various sources on the internet which will make your jaw drop!


New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than people of any other city in the US. Hit the brake fellas, excess of anything in BAD!

Coffee is psychoactive! It can make you see things at high doses. If went further along…It can even kill you! As I said earlier, excess is BAD.

Putting a number on the previous one, roughly a 100 cups of coffee adds up for a lethal dose of caffeine. Again, BAD.


People believe that French Philosopher Voltaire 50 cups of coffee per day. HOLY CRAP that’s a big number! I bet he saw a hell lot of things.

Because it is considered an essential part of the lives of the Italians, Espresso is regulated by the Italian Government.

The Ancient Arab Culture advocated that the only way a woman could legally divorce was because of the inability of her husband to provide enough coffee. No offense but that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

Brewed Espresso has 2.5% fat content while filtered coffee has 0.6%. Choose wisely from next time.


The word “Coffee” comes from Arabic word “qahhwat al-bun” meaning “Wine of the Bean”.

There was a controversy over whether or not Catholics could drink coffee in 1600s. It was resolved with Pope Clement VIII being cool with it. The guy’s a hero, saved the day!

There’s a spa in Japan that lets you bathe in coffee, tea, or even wine. What….Seriously?

Beer was the breakfast drink in US before Coffee.

Teddy Roosevelt used to consume a gallon of Coffee per day. He surely is the greatest American coffee drinker.


Coffee is the second most valuable commodity in the world. Shocking, isn’t it? Can you guess the first one? It’s petroleum. Again, SHOCKING!

Coffee is most effective if you have it between 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM. I can’t see any logic for that.

If consumed in right quantity, it reduces the risk of Diabetes and Heart disease. Not at all surprising as chocolate does the same thing.

About 2.25 billion cups of Coffee is consumed each day around the world. Boy that’s a biggie!

Black Ivory Coffee, which is prepared from Elephant dung, is the world’s most expensive coffee in the world standing around $50 per cup. WOW! People pay a hell lot more for Elephant poop.


As saliva wipes out half the flavor of the coffee, it’s smell doesn’t align with its taste.

Coffee can be helpful in weight loss as it can boost your metabolism by 11%. It is bad for health but helps reduce risk of some dangerous diseases. It makes you fat but also helps you lose weight. Is it some kind of a vicious circle?

New York Stock Exchange was once a coffee house. Well that’s interesting.

Caffeine exists in the form of highly energetic micro-crystals.

So that’s the 21 Cool Coffee Facts for Cool Coffee Enthusiasts and if you ran out of coffee while reading this article, then hop on to a Cool online store Java Times Caffe and buy some Cool coffee in a Cool fashion like a Cool person. Till then, keep drinking (Coffee), keep rocking…

Dark Chocolate: 5 Proven Health Benefits of This Trending Super food

Do you know that when chocolate melts in the mouth, it gives an immense pleasure…. Even more than kissing!!!! Isn’t it?? Yeah, that’s true. Chocolates are the most rapidly consumed and loved commodity till date. They are considered as a must gifting (receiving as well) option because no one hates them. We all know that Dark chocolates have very little sugar and other milk solids, which by default make them healthier. Let me shed some light on other unknown but nevertheless very useful facts about dark chocolates.


  • Elevates your mood: Dark chocolates impart positive psychological effects. It increases blood flow towards the brain and helps improving your cognitive health. It enhances your mood when you are stressed. It makes you feel happy and relaxed as chocolate contains PEA which encourages the brain to release endorphins. Studies have found that if a pregnant lady eats dark chocolates, it not only reduces her stress but also makes the baby smile more often than the babies from other non-chocolate eating expected mothers.


  • Prevents Healthy Attack: Dark chocolates help in the prevention of strokes as they are a rich source of copper and potassium. It helps in reducing blood pressure and improves blood flow, thus preventing tumors. The flavonoids present in dark chocolate intend to send relaxing signals to arteries and also prevents clogging of arteries.


  • Reduces Cholesterol Level: Dark chocolates are potentially responsible for lowering Bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL). They contain cocoa powder which acts as a powerful antioxidant, which considerably slow down the aging process and helps you look younger and beautiful. Studies have revealed that persons consuming dark chocolates are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disorders.


  • Improves Insulin Sensitivity: Dark chocolate provides a protective shield against type 2 diabetes by keeping your blood vessels healthy and reducing your insulin resistance. The flavonoids help your blood cells in regaining the body’s ability to use insulin efficiently. These chocolates strike a balance between highs and lows of your glycemic index.


  • Prevents Skin damage: Chocolates improve blood circulation in the skin, thus making your skin look well hydrated and wrinkle free. The bioactive compounds and the flavonoids in dark chocolate protect your skin against sun damage.


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Revitalize Your Morning Routine With Java Times Caffe Bakery Products

The term “bakery” itself makes my mouth watery.  Basically I am not foodie, but do enjoy eating some bakery items especially bread and cakes. We can describe a bakery “as shop which produces flour-based items.  Normally these items are baked in an oven and only then these are sold.

The various products which involve this procedure are bread, cakes, cookies, biscuits etc. The list is unlimited. In each of these products you find a number of varieties. It takes a lot of time to make a choice what you want to purchase.  That is the position today as you find a range of options for you to select. In spite of producing other items, I am damn sure that the making of bread and cakes differentiates a bakery from other bakery.  The taste highlights yours creativity in creating a good hygienic product. Irrespective of age, everyone is crazy about eating bakery products.

The common raw materials required for bakery products are wheat flour, sugar, eggs and ghee, milk powder, yeast, salt, assorted fruits, baking powder, caramel color, vanilla or essences, butter cream. Not all the ingredients mentioned above are used to prepare all the items. Based on the products, the combination of the above items is used. To make a fine bakery product, all the ingredients used should be of a good quality.  Only then the taste will be good.

Today, you find that the bakery business is popular.  A bakery owner should take precautions to maintain the quality, hygiene of the products and a person buying it should precautions in choosing.  As the bakery products are eatables, extra care has to be taken to safeguard their taste and quality.  The bakery products face the problem rotting soon if it is not consumed within the specified time. In other words, it starts developing a bad smell and is quite unhygienic.  Bakery products taste good if they are fresh.


Precautionary measures to be followed by a bakery:

  1. While mixing the ingredients or while preparing the bakery products, there are chances of items spilling on ground. This is quite common. A special care has to be taken and seen that while working, walking carefully will save you from slipping down.


  1. Usage of heavy machinery on uneven floors (if any) is always dangerous and should be avoided.


  1. As the bakery products have to be cooked on higher temperatures special care has to be taken, especially in case of fire.


  1. The electrical fittings need to checked regularly to avoid accidents


  1. The bakery must always have an first-aid box, as the workers work in high temperatures.


  1. The bakery area should be maintained very neatly. Any sort of negligence with lead to illness.


  1. The bakery products prepared should be hygienic.


  1. If products expiry period is over or the product is giving bad smell, then the products should be removed and destroyed.

Precautions to be taken by consumer while choosing the bakery products:

  1. Don’t go by the look of the product. Not all that glitters is gold.  Everything which looks neat may not hygienic and eatable. Check the expiry date and choose a product.


  1. Check for price of the products. Almost all bakeries maintain an uniform rate for their products but there are chances of reducing price in case of bulk orders.


  1. Inform the baker if you find the product giving bad smell and see that the product is removed from the stock and destroyed.


  1. Check for the ingredients also. There are chances of some ingredients being included which may not suit one’s health.


  1. Demand for a clean packing of the product.


There was a time when a bakery was different and a place for serving beverages like coffee, tea was different.  But now everything is managed by coffee shops. They are offering bakery products, chocolates and other snack items also apart from coffee, tea and other beverages.  This they are doing to attract the customer.

A chocolate can be referred as a sweet which is liked by everyone irrespective of age factor.  There was a time when people used to gift various types of sweets in festive season. But now the sweet concept has changed to gifting chocolates. A chocolate is made with a combination of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar, milk powder. I have always found that eating chocolates has relieved my stress levels.

Buying chocolates have become fashion nowadays. The reason may be due to increase in the number of uses of a good chocolate. The special variety of chocolate blended with dry fruits such as nuts, raisins or crisped rice is the improvement of chocolate bars. Further, this was developed using wafers. The process of creating new tastes is still going on.  However the basic uses of Chocolate are:





  • The combination of chocolate and ice cream or chocolate with pudding is just yummy.


This is the age of internet. Enjoy buying of chocolates online. The competition between online selling of chocolates is very tough.  The chocolate manufacturer himself tries to sell his chocolates online but the option may be good in case bulk purchases. In case small amounts are to be purchased, other websites can be approached. I would suggest http://javatimescaffe.com/ who deals with a number of varieties of yummy chocolates – both their own made and other brands also. The reason why I am suggesting this website is you get the quality product at a very good price and the chances of getting cheated is nil. Experience and enjoy shopping.




Brew your Dream of becoming successful entrepreneur with a Coffee Shop Franchise

Coffee is one such drink which is loved by all generations. Whether it’s a chilling day, you enjoy it hot or, be it a hot summer, where you relish a cup of cold coffee. Coffee industry has grown considerably over a couple of years. It has become the first choice budding entrepreneurs. Coffee industry is the only business which has never been into recession.  Neither its demand neither decreases nor ceases. If you are looking for some fresh business ideas then believe me, you won’t get a better idea them opening a café. A lot happens over a cup of coffee be it your first date or signing of business deals.


If you want to start your business, then rather than starting from scratch, I would suggest opting for franchise. Realize your dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur through coffee chains which will surely minimize your precious time and money. In a franchise, all your questions are answered in a well structured manner. There are some essential things you should keep in mind before putting up a coffee franchise like your budget, the population you will be serving, your specialty and how are you different from others etc.


The most important one is you have to decide on which brew attracts the customers. It should have an inviting aroma and a flavor delighting their taste buds. It can be done by making a survey, what people like the most. And also feel free to add a food menu, if you like. Don’t let taste only be your selling point. Surely, it should be a team work. Keep a good manager. Train your staff well and impart them the basic ethics. Always strive to motivate your employees. Treat them as your family. A motivated employee will not only perform better but also plays a key role in taking your business to higher level.


Keep on offering some lucrative offers to customers. A brand well marketed is well established. Keep some budget for your marketing also. The more people will know you, the more business will flourish. Marketing can be done either on TV, Newspapers or now-a-days internet. Take a webspace, make your own website. Advertise on social websites too like facebook, twitter etc. Keeping a quality check on regular basis also improves your café growth as it keeps your customers happy and satisfied.


One such website offering training in coffee shop franchise is Java Times Caffe. They will impart training for all aspects involving a café. They will hold your hand just like a teacher and will help you in successful realization of your dream. They are best known for their customer satisfaction, reliability and response time. Java Times Caffe believes in quality approach and offer service best in the city. They are leading suppliers of coffee, chocolate, bakery products and brewing & grinding equipments to many coffee houses and customers across the globe. So, make your first move with Java Times Caffe RIGHT NOW!!!

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Top Tips, Tricks, And Techniques For The Perfect Chocolate Online

A chocolate (typically a sweet) is a mixture of cocoa solids, cocoa butter or other fat, and sugar. The other types of chocolates are milk chocolate and white chocolate – milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that additionally contains milk powder or condensed milk while white chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids.

Chocolate is the only food item which is enjoyed by everyone right from a kid to  aged person. I don’t know how many people agree with me but to be frank, I love chocolates. There are some varieties of bars that are mostly chocolate and have other ingredients blended into the chocolate, such as nuts, raisins or crisped rice. The uses of Chocolate are:


  • It is used as an ingredient in a huge variety of candy bars, which typically contain various confectionary ingredients (e.g., nougat, wafers, caramel, nuts, etc.) which are coated in chocolate.
  • It is used as a flavouring product in many desserts, such as chocolate cakes, chocolate brownies, chocolate mousse and chocolate chip cookies. Numerous types of candy and snacks contain chocolate, either as a filling (e.g., M&M’s) or as a coating (e.g., chocolate-coated raisins or chocolate-coated peanuts).
  • Some non-alcoholic beverages contain chocolate, such as chocolate milk, hot chocolate and chocolate milkshakes.
  • Some alcoholic liquors are flavoured with chocolate, such as chocolate liqueur and creme de cacao.
  • Chocolate is a popular flavour of ice cream and pudding, and chocolate sauce is a commonly added as a topping on ice cream sundaes.
  • s there are number of uses of delicious chocolates, the online buying of chocolates is becoming popular day by day. Just sit and at home and check the website with keywords “Chocolates” and you get number of websites dealing with chocolates. Choose your desired chocolate and place an order giving your address particulars.  Your order will be dispatched to your address and the transaction ends there.  Sounds simple.  Isn’t it.


You have to be very careful while buying chocolates online.  Research about the website or the service provider before taking any action. I would suggest Java Times Caffe who deals with quality products.  Experience it yourself by visiting the website.


Like any other thing, even online buying chocolates has some advantages and disadvantages.


Advantages of Online Chocolate shopping:


Limited stock: A conventional retail store usually has limited stock of some branded chocolates, and the store keeper gets irritated when too many questions are being asked. But when an online service is chosen, it gives you a wide range of chocolates. Details of its ingredients, price etc is disclosed. In other words, every single detail related to chocolate is mentioned on the website. Convenience: You can sit at your house and do online shopping.  This makes the choice very easy.


Disadvantages of Online Chocolate shopping:


Since Chocolates are eatables, they should be very hygienic.  Chances of malpractices are more. Expired chocolates may be sent through online chocolate shopping.  It is advised to the person placing the order for online chocolate purchase, to check the expiry date mentioned on the chocolates as soon as he receives the consignment.



Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Coffee Shop Franchise

A coffee shop successful in one place has to expand worldwide because only when you expand your brands can get popular.  Mere publicity won’t help.  Your product should be available locally. This is the place where the concept of coffee shop franchise works. A coffee shop franchiser has to select a good location where there is a good gathering of people. Raw material will be supplied by the company.


Proper serving of delicious coffee, tea or other bakery products not only increases brand image but the coffee shop franchiser can develop his client list of his own. Normally coffee shop franchises are found in malls, commercial and shopping areas etc., where people frequently visit.  The coffee chain prides itself on providing specialty coffee products. Each coffee shop franchise actually roasts coffee in front of its customers. And they also provide some pastries and baked goods for purchase.

To order chocolates online or the idea to send the chocolates online is a easy job. But it is important to know the different types of chocolates available in present market.


Chocolates are of different types namely :-

  • Pure, unsweetened chocolate, often called “baking chocolate”, contains primarily cocoa solids and cocoa butter in varying proportions.
  • Chocolate consumed today is mostly is in the form of sweet chocolate, which combines chocolate with sugar.
  • Milk chocolate is sweet chocolate that also contains milk powder or condensed milk.
  • White chocolate contains cocoa butter, sugar, and milk, but no cocoa solids.
  • pic-chocolate.jpg

After choosing the type of chocolate, to buy chocolates online you need to visit a website. Check for the availability and place an order using order placing option.  Give the destination address and pay for the same.  That’s it. The job is done. Now it is the duty of the Coffee shop whose website you have visited and placed the order to send the required product to the destination promptly.

Any mistake by the coffee shop while delivering the product may result in negative promotion of the coffee shop, its products, and the brand image is lost.  This may happen in seconds, because it is an online business and anything and everything that happen here is within seconds.

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The benefit of buying from online bakery on Java Times Caffe  is that it is absolutely fresh and mouth-watering.  Here the baked products are prepared only after there is a specific order for the product. And once the product is ready it is delivered immediately.

The team of Java Times Caffe which consists of its franchisees also offer delicious breads & cakes, wide range of freshly baked cookies, muffins, biscuits & sweets. The buyer can easily surf the wide range of products available at affordable price. All the description of each product is mentioned in detail. You no longer need to wait in long queues, or travel long distance to have your favorite bakery item.