5 Benefits you get for Registering as a Seller on an Online Marketplace.

Selling products online is the need of the hour not only to pitch more sales but also make your brand omnipresent. One of the important benefits of online selling is that you can decide your own office. You can make your home be your workplace, or go for a corner around the balcony, a bedroom table etc. Online shopping saves a lot of time and you can frequently purchase items with just a simple click of a button. Going for online shopping is not only easier for buyers but sellers too have their own advantages.


  1. Global market


One of the most important things you can get through selling products online is that you will have the chance to reach a giant market. Today you can have access million of people around the world who are connected through Internet and on social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Selling products online opens the door for a global market of special products and services.


  1. 24/7 availability

Customers can view your website any time. You can sell your products through your online shop at the bed-time and even respond while on a vacation. This is a great alternative to increase your income without having to be all the time in front of your online shop. Through the web you can give a 24/7 availability. You can also receive notifications via E-mail or SMS when someone is trying to contact you.


  1. Manage your budget


 You can set your budget based on time, customers and your possibilities. This is one of the greatest ways to start your online business and get benefits that can help you to increase your budget. You have the elasticity of making your investment on your own speed.


  1. Digital marketing

 You can have all your social media, blogs and sale pages connected to your online portal page. You will save more than 60% compared to the promotions in an offline store. In fact, getting lead through social media is one of the greatest ways you can use boosting your sales growth.




  1. Easy cash flow and future expansion

As all the payments will be made through PayPal, Google Pay or other payment gateways, so it maintains an easy cash flow. In fact, if everything is falling in place, you can plan to expand your domain and add some more products which are in demand in the market. Maintaining of stock levels also becomes easier as everything is listed, so it becomes easier to find out which of your product is on low stocks with just a single mouse click.

JavaTimesCaffe, a leading supplier in tea, coffee, chocolate and bakery products has launched an e-commerce platform suited for selling the similar products. You can register unlimited products and upload video and a maximum of five pictures per product. JTC’s e-commerce portal also offers you to start your own blog, publish latest news etc.

The main USP of this portal is that the registration involves no credit card. Register today at https://www.javatimescaffe.com/users/seller_register_now and start selling today!!!!!


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