Some baking doubts cleared: Don’t forget to look at 4th question

There are certain questions which keep bothering your mind while baking. Rather which creates a baking phobia in you? Don’t worry this article is all there to help you. I will be covering maximum doubts which you encounter while baking like substitute for eggs, correct temperature, chocolate or cocoa etc. Now days there are a lot of online Bakery products which offer very delicious and yummy cakes. But certainly at some corner of your heart you definitely want to bake one yourself for your loved ones. Let’s start picking your problems one at a time and discuss them.


Which flour is best for baking?

Choosing good flour is very important part in the baking process. Flour acts as the backbone of the cake providing it the correct flavor and texture. There are essentially four kinds of flours available in the market for baking namely bread flour, All-purpose flour, pastry flour and cake flour. Cake flour when mixed with all purpose flour is best for baking. Cake flour is prepared by finely milling the soft wheat. The best answer would be mix cake flour and all-purpose flour for best results.



How to make a chocolaty cake by using cocoa or chocolate?

Many a times this questions arises whether to use cocoa, chocolate or a combination of two. The cake prepared by using only chocolate had a milder chocolaty flavor and after baking turn out light brown in color. Using only cocoa powder will have a deep dark color and had intense chocolate flavor loaded. Rather it is like overdose of chocolate. Coming to conclusion, a cake made from a combination of cocoa powder and chocolate is the perfect in all terms of color, flavor, texture and taste.



What is the accurate baking temperature?

Temperature can make or break the cake. Most of the culinary experts ask you to bake at 350ᵒ F. If your temperature is low, then all the process of cake formation will be delayed and may not get completed resulting in the cake being soft and smooth but gummy. If you go for a higher temperature, it is likely that the crust of the cake is baked for quickly than the internal batter. So the best temperature is 350 degrees resulting in a soft, smooth, well caramelized and fluffy cake.

What are substitutes for egg?

Eggs provide the required moisture to the cake and also act as binding agent. Some people are allergic to eggs or are vegans who do not want egg in their cakes. There are substitutes available in the market for that. You can use flaxseed meal. For one egg it is used in ration of 1 spoon flaxseed meal to 3 spoons of water. It provides the necessary stability, moisture and a pleasant wheaty flavor to the cake. Next you can also opt for Tofu. ¼ cup of tofu for each egg. Other substitutes include applesauce and Ener-G egg replacer.

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