Top 7 coffee trends to watch out in 2017

Coffee industry is one such industry which has future secured and binded irrespective of market ups and downs. Even the corporate recession cannot harm its existence. A lot more discussions, dates, business meetings happen over cup of coffee. Not only offline but coffee trends have gone across internet also. A lot more online coffee shops have come to existence over a couple of years. You don’t need to step out to buy any coffee related product rather you can buy chocolate online, or coffee , tea anything just at a mouse click. There is lot more to watch out for new coffee trends in 2017.
1. Impact of Social Media: With coming of social media like Facebook, Twitter etc people have become more socially aware of things, get-togethers have increased. People love to post their pictures while eating, drinking especially on a café table. This again is a major factor contributing to branding of a coffee house.

2. S.E.: Ready to drink coffee is another trend to watch out for. People have no time to prepare coffee as all are very preoccupied in their works. Here E.S.E. comes to play. These easy serve espresso pods offer the same aroma and taste as offered by a perfectly brewed, strong and rich coffee over time.

3. Nitro Coffee: Imagine a coffee which gives you same feel as of a beer. Doesn’t that sound amazing? It is made by infusing nitrogen to your regular cold coffee which provides it the creamy and foamy texture. It falls in the category of RTD (ready to drink) beverages.

4. Decaffeinated coffee: AS people are going more and more health conscious, the demand for a decaffeinated coffee is increasing. As the name suggest it’s the coffee without caffeine. It is indeed best suited for people allergic to caffeine and pregnant ladies. The New Year also marks the launch of D.E.S.E. that is decaffeinated easy serve espresso pods.

5. Cold Brew over Ice brew: The conventional method of preparing cold coffee was to first make a hot coffee and chill it with ice. The latest trend coming over in cold coffees is let the cold coffee brew over time. Here the water is dripped in a jar containing finely ground coffee and allowed to rest for 24 hours. Then sieve it and enjoy.


6. Love towards gourmet coffees: Gourmet coffees, also known as specialty coffees are also being loved by people. This can be well verified, as more and more coffee houses are offering gourmet coffees. More and more coffee houses are offering best Coffee Service offline and online. Coffee franchisees are offering very lucrative offers and deals on gourmet coffees.

7. Online coffee shops: Yes!!! online coffee shops are becoming more and more popular and successful venture these days. Any coffee or chocolate or bakery item is delivered at your doorstep with just a mouse click. Java times caffe is one such most loved online coffee house offering varieties of freshly baked products, excellent quality coffee, tea and chocolates.

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