A Coffee shop is a place where you are being served with various flavours and varieties of coffee on payment of a reasonable price.  There are a number of branded coffee shops where even  beverages like tea are also served but the main concentration is mainly on coffee.  Bakery products such as cakes, cookies, pastries etc., apart from cool drinks are also available in these types of coffee cafes. The popularity of coffee nowadays is so much that people are getting baised by standing in queues for hours. This made the business of online coffee shops flourish.  To keep up the  in the market, many coffee shops have made their business online.


Normally online coffee shop also provides coffee along with bakery products. The following are the merits and demerits of a online coffee shop:


Merits of Online Coffee Shop:


·         Purchase of beans on the high street is usually the more expensive alternative when compared to buying them online. This allows you to go for more gourmet brands as they will be cheaper online than in store.


·         Comparision of prices is fast as browsing is easier when you’re searching for beans on the different websites, rather than having to walk up and down to different stores.


·         Choice from larger variety of products makes is cheaper, you can explore a variety of different flavours that you may not have tried before. You will also find blends online that you don’t usually see in your local store or coffee shop.


·         Another benefit of shopping this way is that you will be able to research what the best blends are by reading up on them as well as following the recommendations of other online shoppers.


·         It is easier to change your mind when shopping online as you don’t have to worry about holding up a queue should you decide to put something back, or add something to your cart at the last minute. If you’re on a set budget you will also be able to keep count of your purchases as you shop.


Demerits of online coffee shop:


·         One of the disadvantages of buying online is that you don’t get your purchase right immediately. Although many websites do offer a next day delivery option, it often means that you have to pay a little bit more towards delivery charges. Look out for online deals that include free delivery options.


·         Another disadvantage of shopping online for coffee beans is that you can’t smell or taste the beans.


·         You cannot have guarantee that you will be given the quality product as shown on the website.

 However, not all websites are frauds. A website like Java Times Caffe offers you the quality product.  Once purchased, you will always opt the same website for a new purchase.  At Java Times Caffe , you will be given complete information regarding the ingredients of the coffee which makes it more tasty and interesting.  Enjoy your coffee along with tasty and yummy bakery products on Java Times Caffe .


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