Excellent Advice For Teaching You How To Buy Coffee, Cakes Bakery products !!!

Life is too short for bad coffees and cakes ! Java times  caffe is a one stop solution for your caffeine, bakery and patisserie craving. We offer you a wide range of premium coffees  exquisitely roasted and brewed to your heart’s desire. You can have anything from espresso to an exotic Hazelnut Latte without having to get out from your coziness by ordering coffee online from Javatimes Caffe. When you buy coffee online from us we offer your taste buds the most exotic beans and blends in a single cup.


Our coffee beans are 100 % handpicked authentic Arabic roasted to different degrees .Our roasting standards are extremely specific and along with blended flavors allows the roasting to slip in to your coffee thereby ensuring an enchanting aroma and taste. Our Roasting adheres to PICO roasting methods that ensures you the best dark coffee possible. Since they are roasted to a particular standard and never to a particular color they are a perfect decoration of aroma, flavor and quality. Our other standard roasts include Espresso Roasts which is dark enough to caramelize the sugar and light enough to retain the Aroma, French Roasts which are dark and low in acid with a strong aroma and flavor, Italian Roasts a dark roasting style which is a true art in itself.


We at Java times are not just about coffee! Planning on ordering scones and muffins for your High Tea?  Do you want to surprise your loved one with a lip-smacking chocolate brownie? Or do you want to pamper someone with the most exotic chocolates? Buy best chocolates and bakery products online with us and save your relationships! We offer a wide range of our signature patisseries and rotisserie exclusively customized for your taste buds and occasion. Our hand crafted pastries or tarts on a rainy evening can ensure you a quick fantasy getaway.  Also with holiday seasons around the corner go ahead and gift your loved ones with our sinfully delicious chocolates and make their day. We have various customized gift ideas in chocolate to make yours and your loved ones day special.


With 2 billion cups of coffee being sold daily in UK alone and 65 % of working professionals drinking 3 cups on an average, café culture has taken over the UK market by storm .So for those coffee preneurs out there dreaming of opening a quaint little coffee shop of their own-You have indeed come to the nation’s best coffee connoisseurs. Be ready to join the coffee bandwagon by franchising with us. We are a group of independent online stores that can be run very easily. We have a great brand name and recognition in this industry. Franchising with us can help you get third party financing thereby helping you run business without burning your pockets. We have a loyal client base that will help you boost your sales up.

So if you are looking for the best coffee to wake up to in the morning or joining the bandwagon to live your café dream we are just a click away!


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