Opening Your Own Coffee Shop Business with Java Times Caffe

Choose the location wisely. This is overlooked by many entrepreneurs. Remember that you cannot make a bad location good one. Don’t just say “A coffee shop would look nice here”. You should do your research based on many factors like demographics. A good idea would be to learn if there are other similar businesses in the area. Try to find out how these businesses are doing. Find out whether the people on that lovely place you plan to start your business do need one more coffee shop.

teas and coffees

You must have enough money to cover your expenses for the first 2-4 months after opening. That money is separate from the start-up capital. You must be able to pay the costs for your goods and services and for your employees not to mention for yourself. Don’t wait for your traffic to produce enough money to cover your expenses. Instead calculate the costs and gather the required amount of money before opening. Not having enough money to cover your expenses is the #1 reason why most coffee shop businesses fail on the first year.


Always pay attention to quality. Quality of goods and services. Don’t choose a product because is cheap. Maybe it’s cheap for a reason. Low quality. You don’t want to start your business with cheap products or otherwise people will think you got nothing new to offer. Instead you must differ from the rest of the coffee shops in your area.


Be consistent. You want your services and goods to have a great quality. But how are you going to handle that? You must check your staff often to ensure they know your orders and they follow them. If they work well it reflects to the entire business. Every month or so visit your suppliers so as to create a friendly relationship with them and ensure you are getting the best products.


Have a business plan. And not just any plan but a coffee shop business plan. The toughest thing in this industry is not to open a shop but to remain open for as long as possible producing revenue in the meantime. I know it sounds easier than it is but like in any business if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. To know more about starting a coffee shop business please visit here: –


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