Awesome Tips About Starting A Coffee Shop Business With Java Times Caffe

Starting a coffee shop business is a dream that plenty of people share, whether they have a passion for coffee, relaxation or just the urge to escape being a wage slave and to control their own destiny. Here are four things you must think about if you have ever thought of starting a coffee shop business.


1) Location is king. The main thing that will define the success or failure of your plan is where you plan to set up. Are you targeting moving traffic like morning commuters or more static traffic in shopping malls? One small trick that helps you determine location is does it fit in well with the morning traffic flow? If it does, you might have somewhere profitable on your hands.

2) Do think about design. Any good coffee shop must channel customers – how will you make sure that people who are in a queue to get their coffee aren’t continually having to step out the way to allow people who have already been served to sit? The flow of customers is important as is giving staff space to help them do their job quickly and efficiently – which will keep customers happy.


3) Swear you will go the extra mile on service. If you are thinking of starting a coffee shop business that is up against the big chains, you have one big advantage, the fact you can be truly local and get to know your customer bases and their wants and needs in a way that large companies simply can’t. Make sure this is one of your big commitments and you will get people coming back.

4) Build a business plan. A good business plan will give you a good indication as to monthly costs and an indication as to long term goals.


Starting a coffee shop business is proving a success for many despite the tough financial climate. With some thought and especially a good location, it is possible to join the numbers who are making it work.

If you are thinking of starting a coffee shop business this opening a coffee shop guide has brilliant advice on cutting start up costs and making your shop a success.


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